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"Dedicated to finding the truth"

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About Our Investigation Agency

Private Investigation & Surveillance Agency would like to welcome you to our Detectives homepage. We are a well respected and renowned Agency.

We have Headquarters  located in the North West of England in Kendal, Cumbria with offices  also in London and Hampshire. Our experienced and professional Private investigators are here to help you achieve the outcome you deserve and need.

Our teams are made up of  Ex Military and Police, that are based around the United kingdom and Internationally. 


Bottom line; our team of investigators are well equipped to handle all types of cases that come our way.

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Why Choose Us

Private Investigation & Surveillance Agency hold an impressively high success rate with cases we have worked on.


With hundreds of databases aiding our investigations, it’s no wonder our client base is expanding each year. 


Experience the difference with a professional Agency that cares about protecting your privacy, as well as successfully solving your case .


You can also see some of our past case studies that show some of our success.

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What we offer

 Private Investigation & surveillance Agency offer a wide rage of services to our clients. With Ex Police Detectives and Ex Military operatives that hold a wide rage of skills and experience within the private investigation and surveillance industry.



Cheating Partners

Missing People

Background Checks

People Tracing


Foot Surveillance

Mobile Surveillance

Urban Surveillance

Covert Rural Observation Post   (CROP)

Technical Surveillance 

We also offer many other services such as process serving, so why not get in touch and speak with one of our professional team members about how we can help you.

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Private Investigation & Surveillance Agency
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By Private Investigation & Surveillance Agency

PI Podcast keeps you informed as to what cases our Private Investigators have been working on.

 our podcast also gives you an insight into the world of Private Investigation and how we work at the Private Investigation & Surveillance Agency.


As a professional Investigative body Private Investigation & Surveillance Agency strive to achieve the high standards we set out to achieve.

To give our clients the best service and value for money, we offer a wide range of services to meet our clients needs, take a look at our amenities to find out more.

Areas of Operation

Our Investigators at Private Investigation & Surveillance Agency work in all areas around the UK and Internationally, you can see all our areas we cover here

Fully Insured

You can be assured that all our Professional Investigators are fully insured under professional indemnity and public liability up to £1,000,000. You can view our certificate of Insurance here.