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Image by Bruce Edwards

Private Investigators North East

Our North East Detectives

Private Investigators North East provide a professional and discreet service throughout the North East. 

Our Private Investigators work closely with clients to achieve the best outcome possible, with outstanding results.

Private Investigators North East operate from our Headquarters in Kendal, Cumbria, but we have local Private Investigators based throughout the North East covering many different types of cases for our clients.

Our North East Detectives use highly advanced databases, these databases aid our Private Investigators in there research and help them get the evidence and information to help solve your case.

Detectives can access open source platforms to reach information quickly and effectively. So if you are a landlord wanting to know more about the person you are leasing your property too, or need to locate a debtor, our North West Detectives can help you to get this information using these Databases.


Within our North East department we have Private investigators that cover all areas of the North East, this includes, Tyne & Wear, County Durham, Northumberland and parts of North Yorkshire. Further details on these areas can be viewed below.

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