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Case Studies: Case Studies

Great Results

From Our Archive

Over the years, we’ve been carefully documenting and collecting successful case studies. These real-life examples of our past work are a great way for potential clients to learn about our process, high standards, and the types of results achieved by Private Investigation & Surveillance Agency. For even more information about our cases or our process, get in touch today.

Case Study 1

Cheating partner

Location: Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, North West.

Case Type: Matrimonial 

Case Objective: To ascertain whether the subject is living with another partner.

Start: Two of our Cumbria Private Investigators made there way to Barrow-in-Furness to begin working on this 10 day matrimonial case. This case was to involve both static/mobile and foot surveillance around Barrow-in-Furness. On arrival in Barrow-in-Furness the first task was to locate the subjects vehicle at the given address, and to identify the subject. The subjects vehicle was located not long after our Agents arrived at the property in Barrow-in-Furness, and so to the subject minutes after. The subject moved off in the vehicle and our Agents followed the subject into the town center of Barrow-in-Furness. Our Agents then follow the subject on foot into a couple of local shops were the subject was seen buying some items, before returning back to the Barrow-in-Furness property with a bottle of wine and two pizzas.

After several days of surveillance at both the property and in and around Barrow-in-Furness, it was evident that the subject was living with another partner. With the strong evidence our Agents had gained to support this case, it was enough for our client and there Solicitors to proceed to the next step on this case.

Finish: Case Closed

Judge and Gavel

Case Study 2

Process serve

Location: Workington, Cumbria, North West.

Case Type: Surveillance & Process Serve.

Case Objective: To locate and serve high importance documents to the subject.

Start: After setting off from the Headquarters in Kendal, Cumbria in the Lake District, our Agent arrived at Workington, Cumbria in the North West.

The operation consisted of identifying the subject outside of their Workington property, and to gather information by means of still footage and video footage. Imagery was then sent to the client to identify the subject.

It was confirmed to be the subject in question.

Surveillance continued for several hours at the Workington property. At 1430 hrs our Agent knocked at the door of the Workington property under surveillance to attempt to served the documents.

The subject opened the door and our Agent successfully serves the important documents to the subject.

Finish: Case Closed.

Romantic Couple

Case Study 3

Cheating Partner

Location: Lancaster, Lancashire, North West.

Case Type: Matrimonial.

Case Objective: To gather information by means of following a possible cheating husband in the City of Lancaster.

Start : After discussing the final details with our client, one of our Cumbria based Agents made there way to Lancaster.

After our Agent arrived in Lancaster City and located the property, the subject was seen moving off in his vehicle. Our Agent followed the subject as he moved through Lancaster and parked up at a car park in Lancaster City center.

Our agent followed the subject through Lancaster on foot to a cafe near the Lancaster canal. The subject was seen to be meeting with a female, they both sat outside the cafe on the customer seating area. Both the subject and the female looked to be very close.

The subject and the female left the cafe after a period of time, both parties walked to the subjects vehicle and drove through Lancaster city.

Our Agent followed the subject and the female to a property in Lancaster, this property was known to be owned by the female, both the subject and the female went inside the Lancaster property. 

Our Agent waited outside the property for approximately 3 hours, the subject and the female came out of the property, hugged, kissed, and the subject left in his vehicle. 

Our clients theory was correct, her husband was caught cheating. We provided a full written report to our client, to support our findings.

Finish: Case closed.

Couple Holding Hands
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