Partner Check

Partner Check


This search will provide you with details of that someone you may have just met, if you feel a little unsure of there past or feel suspicious they maybe hiding something, then this is the search for you.


This search includes:


- Provides current address of the subject

- Confirmes assets of the subject

- Provides co-occupants at address

- Financial background check

- Employment search

- property ownership

- Estimated property values

- CCJ  confirmation

- Company financial

- mobile/Land line telephone numbers


    Although we run searches on all the areas stated, we can not guarantee the outcome of any search, for instance if a subject does not have any financial background or history.

    We run all these searches through our data bases to find any possible outcome, it may be that the subject has no fanancial history that is negligent. We may only find what is avalible and legal.

    We also can not access the following for legal reasons:

    - Banking details such as account numbers or account balences

    - National Insurance infomation

    - DVLA infomation

    - HMRC infomation


    You can find our T&C in the documents section under services. Please note that you don't need to download these unless you need a copy for your referance, once you have read and are happy to proceed you can simply tick the box in the checkout to agree to our terms & conditions.


    All of our services are to be paid in full prior to any case being opened.

    No refunds are given unless there is a fault with our service.

    There is a no win no fee scheme on most of our Background checks & Trace servies.

    Cancelations/reschedualing of surveillance services will be charged for, if a 48 hours notice is not given when booking in advance.

    This policy is set out by our terms and conditions and clients purchasing any service from our agency must be in complience with both this policy and and the terms and conditions set out in the services section.

    When agreeing at checkout to the terms and conditions, clients are also agreeing to this policy.